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Dental implants – restoration of missing teeth

In the case of edentolous patients dental implants are perfect solution to improve the patient’s life comfort. Patients are no longer doomed for removable  full dentures. To perform permanent work with toothlessnes, 6 to 8 implants should be implanted in the jaw and 6 implants in the mandible. Proper positioning of the implants in the bone  allows the creation of a permanent ceramic bridge, supported on milled titanium or zirconium connectors. It is also possible to make a denture screwed to the implants.

Implanty zębowe

Dental implants – improvement of prosthesis maintenance.

A lower number of implants, optimally four in the jaw and in the mandible, makes it possible to mount removable dentures supported by tenants, beams, balls or telescopes. These solutions perfectly improve the retention and maintenance of dentures. The adhesive paste for prostheses does not have to be used in these cases. On the inside, the dentures are provided with special matrices which, by means of a latch or large friction forces, are held on the retention elements of the implants.

Implanty zębowe

In the Perfect Smile Clinic, the process of rebuilding toothlessnes using an implants always starts with careful planning of the treatment. Our dentist, before  offering dental implants, will perform a CBCT tomography examination, which enables accurate imaging of bones in three dimensions and careful planning of implant positions. After accepting the treatment plan, the patient is scheduled for surgery. The entire surgical procedure is performed painlessly under local anesthesia. After inserting the implants, the wound is covered with mucous membrane and sutured. The patient usually receives a pre-made temporary prosthesis, undercoated with a special silicone mass, to relieve the places where the implants were implanted. After about 3 months the dentist perform proper prosthetic work.

An extremely important aspect of the whole treatment plan is regular 1x / 6 months control, and hygiene appointments, which avoids various complications.

We invite you to consult our certified implantologists in the Perfect Smile Implant Clinic.