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Jaw computed tomography

CT scan is one of the methods of dental diagnostics. Proper planning of implantological procedures must be preceded by accurate bone structure diagnostics. The key is whether the amount of alveolar bone is sufficient to place the implant. Bone density is also a very important parameter. It has a decisive influence on the course of the procedure, the choice of the type of implant and the protocol of subsequent implant loading.

What is computed tomography of the jaw?

Computed tomography of the  jaw and mandible is currently the best method of pictoral diagnostics available for the needs of implantology. In our dental clinic we offer for patient the most modern computer tomography equipment from the world-  renowned Morita company. Thanks to images obtained from computed tomography, our implantologists are able to properly qualify the patient for the dental treatment and plan its process in advance; starting from the assessment of bone density in the maxilla and mandible, and on the precise positioning of the implant.

The implementation of computed tomography at the stage of implant surgery planning also allows to detect abnormalities in bone structure, detection of retained teeth, not removed to the end of the roots and any inflammation of the bones. In addition, computed tomography of the jaw allows you to assess the anatomy of min. maxillary sinus, the knowledge of which is decisive in planning the procedures of lifting the maxillary sinus, in order to obtain additional space for stabilization of the implant. In contrast, computed tomography of the jaw bone is of key importance, inter alia, in the assessment of the lower alveolar nerve trunk.

Computed tomography performed at the planning stage of the procedure. Showed in the upper jaw a detained tooth and left fragment of the root after unfinished extraction, in the image of the mandible the course of the lower alveolar nerve is visible.

With the use of tomography, the maxillary sinus lift was performed, and then 2 implants were precisely implanted.

Tomografia komputerowa szczęki

Completion of the tomography allowed for accurate planning and inflallibly implantation of 3 implants in the mandible.

Thanks to the fact of using  a CT scanner at our dental clinic, our implantologists are able to provide you with the highest level of safety when carrying out all implantological procedures.