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Implants in one day

Lack of teeth is not only a big aesthetic problem. Incomplete denttion  may cause problems with the digestive system and also displacement and damage to the extant  teeth. Could the problem of missing teeth be solved during one visit? Implants in one day? The answer to this problem might be an immediate implant, which is implanted promptly after tooth extraction. The implant in one day is now a commonly used method of treatment of missing teeth, and the procedure allows to shorten the treatment time because after just one visit the patient leaves the clinic without worrying about missing teeth.

Implanty w jeden dzień

To make a placing the implant in one day  successful, there must exist adequate anatomical and tissue conditions. Reconstruction of a single tooth is the most common indication for the use of an immediate implant. The most frequent contraindication to its use is the inflammation or purulent condition of the alveolus and poor oral hygiene. Therefore, before starting treatment,  we need to check that all requirements have been met. If the patient can not be subjected to immediate implantation our doctors strive to mask the missing tooth.

Implants in one day – how much does the treatment cost?

Thanks to the latest technology, you can regain a beautiful smile in just one day. Implants in one day are not only convenience but also time saving. Due to the individual approach to each patient, the exact treatment plan and its valuation are performed after a thorough examination during the consultation visit. Registration can be made by phone: +48 58 300 05 88, or by e-mail.