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Implantologist Gdansk

Not every dentist wants to be an implantologist or may not be suitable for the role of an implantologist. The beginning of implant treatment for the  patients must be supported by surgical, prosthetic and periodontal experience and knowledge. Implantology is the synthesis of at least these three disciplines of dentistry. Immediately after studies any dentist has such a specific preparation and knowledge.

What is a good implantologist characterized by?

At least to become a very good implantologist a few years of work and training must pass, so the dentist can responsibly and reliably deal with implantology. Before the first procedure in the life of the patient is performed, the dentist should complete the appropriate courses. He should have appropriate substantive preparation. In addition, earlier should assist in many treatments, and have skills in the field of dental surgery, allowing to deal with possible complications and unexpected situations during treatment.

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A good dental implantologist should have a broad knowledge of implantology systems available on the market. He should know their advantages and be able to choose an implant with appropriate properties and geometry for a given clinical case. An indispensable element of the implantologist’s dental work is modern diagnostic imaging, in particular tomography and X-ray diagnostics. Modern diagnostic equipment allows for very precise and accurate images of jaw bones and maxillary sinuses. There is no more accurate method of imaging and measuring bone structures than computed tomography.

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The dentist, if he has not completed courses, training cycles, failed to pass exams signed by authorities, among whom are eminent professors and specialists, he should not undertake implantological treatment. During the development of his professional career he should ensure obtaining relevant certificates awarded by international implantological associations. His work should be supported by modern diagnostic equipment and appropriate treatment equipment. A good dental dentist implantologist Gdańsk cares for gradual, harmonious and responsible development.
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