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Implantological treatment

Implantological treatment allows you to recreate lost teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile. Our implantologists are top-class specialists, and in the Perfect Smile Clinic we have the most modern diagnostic equipment, including 3D digital tomography. Thanks to that, the course of each treatment is planned earlier in the form of a digital simulation, and our doctors know exactly what anatomical conditions they have to deal with and are prepared thoroughly for the procedure. All this is a guarantee of the highest quality of our services.

What does implantological treatment look like?

Implantological treatment is performed essentially in three main stages. Above all, it must be preceded by a thorough interview about the general health of the patient and detailed oral examination. It is necessary to conduct diagnostics – panoramic photography and computed tomography. During the first treatment, the implant is inserted into the bone tissue. The procedure itself is completely painless and usually lasts no longer than 2 hours. After osseointegration, when the bone has grown with the implant, the bolt will be screwed in. After a dozen days of healing of the mucous membrane, the implant is ready to apply the crown.

Leczenie implantologiczne

How much does implantatological treatment cost?

Due to the individual approach to each patient, the exact treatment plan and its valuation are performed after a thorough examination during the consultation visit. Registration can be made at the phone number: +48583000588, or by e-mail.