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Implant treatment guarantee

Our implantologists has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 12 years and has had very few failures. The main causes for failure have been in heavy smokers where healing is not as good. We do however appreciate that patients want the reassurance of a long-term guarantee on their implants. We are  happy to provide a full 5 year guarantee on the implant fixture, abutment and crown / bridgework if all of this work has been completed originally by us. This means that if the implant integration completely fails for any reason, we replace and restore this free of charge as we deem necessary.

We also guarantee against fracture of the abutment, crown or bridge if this has occurred in normal function. We cannot guarantee against any traumatic or sports injuries so if you partake in contact sports or hockey, soccer, cricket etc. you may wish to look at an insurance policy that covers injuries caused by such activities. We also guarantee against screws becoming loose and needing to be re-tightened for 5 years.

Gwarancja na implanty

Implant treatment guarantee.

A condition of the 5 year guarantee is that you return to see us for annual reviews of your implant on or around the anniversary of it being completed where we will examine and often x- ray the implant to check all is well. There is an examination and x-ray fee for this annual review. In the case of smokers, we will guarantee the crown / bridge but not the implant fixture as bone loss from smoking is beyond our control. If you choose not to have annual reviews with our clinic then your guarantee is limited to 12 months from the date the work was completed.