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Implant of the upper one tooth

The patient came to our Clinic with an aesthetic problem. She complained about the dark color of the dead, after the root canal treatment, the upper left one tooth. Unfortunately, after performing a detailed CBCT examination of conical volumetric tomography, it turned out that the tooth is not suitable for prosthetic reconstruction. On the basis of scans, internal resorption was recognized in the root of the tooth, i.e. a rare degeneration of the root tissue, which disqualified the tooth for further treatment.

Implant górnej jedynki

Beginning of the implant procedure.

The patient chose the dental implant as the optimal form of restoring the lack of teeth. The implantation of the dental implant was carried out simultaneously with the extraction of the damaged tooth. The correct positioning of the dental implant on the CT scan was confirmed.

Implant górnej jedynki

After three months, it was time to load the dental implant with a ceramic crown. The secondary stability of the implanted dental implant was checked. It did not raise any objections and decisions were made to start the prosthetic phase without delay. The procedure of unveiling the dental implant with the screwing of the so-called healing screw.

Implant górnej jedynki

The effect after implantation of the upper one tooth.

After a further 2 weeks healing was replaced with a final connector. In this case, our patient decided for  the most aesthetic solution. Therefore, a hybrid zirconia connector was used, which was screwed to the dental implant. The final porcelain crown on the zirconium oxide was embedded in the connector. The end effect of the upper one implant treatment is presented on the picture below:

Implant górnej jedynki - efekt po leczeniu

The patient was informed about obligatory hygienisation procedures, which should take place every 6 months. In the case of dental implants, prophylaxis is very importante to keep positive long-term prognosis to beautiful smile.