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Immediate implant

Missing teeth are not only an aesthetic matter, but also have particularly negative effect on digestive system and may lead to further problem with the remaining teeth. Is it possible to solve the problem of a missing tooth over one visit? Yes, there is a solution- an immediate implant, which is implanted immediately after the tooth extraction. Immediate implantation is now widely used treatment which shortens the time of medication, as just after one visit the patient leaves the clinic with a new smile.

When can an immediate implant be used?

Before the implantation, a dentist must check the general anatomy and tissue condition. Single tooth restoration is the most frequent indication for the use of the immediate implant. However, the most common contraindication is inflammation of an alveolar sack or poor oral hygiene. This is why, before the implantation, we should check whether all requirements have been met. If the patient cannot be subjected to immediate implantation surgery, a dentist seeks to mask a missing tooth.

Implant natychmiastowy

Perfect Smile Clinic is equipped with the most modern diagnostic devices such as digital 3D tomography. What is more, as the course of the implantation is planned digitally, the patient may be sure that the treatment is safe and painless. During the consultation in Perfect Smile Clinic. Thanks to all necessary diagnostic tools, our implantologists will fully assess the possibility of applying an immediate implant. Plan and propose the comprehensive implant treatment.