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Good implants – properties and features

What properties and characteristics should have good implants in order to guarantee its best quality? The patients’ growing expectation of aesthetics and less invasive procedures in implantology force continual, very high progress in this field of science. The competition on the market of good implants is growing every year. This is a very positive phenomenon that causes many implant companies to constantly work on improving the quality of dental implants.

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Good implants – what features should it have ?

What determines that a company which produces dental implants deserves to buy their product? This is strongly influenced by the scientific facilities and a certain number of tests carried out in laboratory conditions, before such an implant is allowed for distribution.

Currently, good implants are characterized by some common features related to their construction, macrogeometry and implant microgeometry. The shape of the implant should give the implantologist the choice of the type of implant in terms of length and diameter in the given case. In practice, our Clinic looks so that the patient has a 3D – CBCT examination performed at a consultation visit which is a computed tomography. It allows to determine, to a fraction of a millimeter, bone conditions and distances of important structures, such as the trigeminal nerve canal or the maxillary sinus. After this analysis, the dental implant is optimally selected. Its diameter and length depend on the individual 3D test result. Therefore, it is important that the given implantology system gives the doctor the opportunity to choose from a wide range of implants that differ in diameter and length.

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Good implants have several other properties that are important in their construction. Their aggressive thread, conical shape and the type of connection with the supragingival part, ie the connector, have a big impact on the high precision of the treatment. In contrast, a small risk of bone resorption and good implant stabilization. Even in bone tissue with low density and high disappearance.
The narrowing shape of the implant around its neck prevents bone atrophy, creating good conditions for the growth of soft tissues at this location. Currently, every good implant has in its structure an internal conical connection used to fix the connector.

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What about older implants ?

Older generations of implants were  fixed to the connectors with a flat hex link. This generated a large loss of bone tissue, due to the phenomenon of a bacterial pump, occurring at the edge of the implant and connector. Additionally, this type of connection increased the risk of breaking and loosening the screws connecting the implant with the connector. Good implants used in the Perfect Smile Clinic by our doctors are characterized by modern geometry that minimizes bone atrophy after introduction. This reduces the risk of rejection by the body.

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