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Extensive tooth missing

Extensive tooth missing is a serious problem of a functional and aesthetic nature. The loss of a few teeth adjacent to each other causes both a considerable discomfort of the patient and serious disorders of chewing. It leads over time to large displacements and shifts of neighboring and opposing teeth. The remaining teeth are forced to perform the “work” of the missing teeth. They take over part of the tasks related to food assigned to them. It ends usually in a relatively short time with excessive wear of teeth remaining in the mouth. There are lesions, enamel cracks on the chewing surface and in the cervical region. There are also gingival recessions, wedge defects and bone wounds around the overloaded teeth. The risk of losing more teeth is significantly increased.

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What is the answer?

In the case of extensive missing teeth, it is not possible to use a porcelain bridge restoration mounted on the remaining teeth. It is caused by too heavy load of own pillars and too large spans. Incorrect planning of such extensive work without respecting the rules of biomechanics and physiology of chewing will end sooner or later with failure in treatment and irretrievable damage to overloaded pillars. The simplest solution to this situation for many years was the use of partial dentures.

They are based partly on the patient’s own teeth, complementing the missing teeth with acrylic plate with acrylic teeth. Such a solution has a number of drawbacks, it can lead to excessive wear on the teeth on which denture clamps rest. The aesthetics of this type of prosthesis also often leaves much to be desired, especially for demanding patients. In addition, they are subject to wear, so they need to be replaced regularly every 3-4 years. To avoid grinding teeth of the patient, overloading them and destroying the dentures by clamps, modern dentistry uses dental implants.

What effect will we achieve?

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The implant placed in the jaw bone together with the crown imitates the most faithfully nature, i.e. the patient’s own tooth. Implantation of a dental implant, made by an appropriate implantologist, is a relatively simple and predictable procedure. It is fraught with minimal risk of complications and failures. On dental implants, the dentist assembles porcelain crowns, which means that permanent works performed on implants do not differ visually or functionally from aesthetic work on their own teeth.

Rozległe braki zębowe

In this way, extensive missing teeth, thanks to the huge progress in the field of implantology, which took place in recent years, and the high qualifications of our dentists implantologists. In our Clinic, we can offer you the highest quality services on a world-class level.