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Dental Implants Gdansk

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic is an institution with an established position in the field of implant dentistry in Gdansk. This is due to high quality of surgical equipment and vast experience of doctors who are constantly improving their skills.

Dental Implants Gdansk | Why choose Perfect Smile Clinic?

Owners and founders of Perfect Smile Clinic – Tomasz Zarański and Marek Markiewicz specialize in providing services in the field of dental implant surgery and extensive implant-bone rehabilitation. They have an appropriate experience and knowledge acquired through participation in international conferences and trainings, so that at any time provide services using the current achievements of modern implantology. As a few Clinics in Poland we have the title of Licensed Implant Practice, certified by PSI – Polish Implantology Association, ICOI – International Congress of Oral Implantologists and DGOI – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie.

Klinika Implantologicza Gdańsk

The acquired knowledge and experience is used on a daily basis during procedures and treatments performed in our Clinic. What is more, we create a good team and the realization of the whole process of treatment is always based on the latest, innovative methods with maintaining the highest safety standards. Materials and instruments used during treatments are disposable or after a previous sterilization.

Klinika Implantologiczna Gdańsk

Modern and unique equipment used by our dentists ensure that the whole implant treatment is predictable and provides long-term, excellent result. Technological infrastructure in continually widened by Perfect Smile Clinic, this is why, we posses CT scanner Morita. This modern diagnostic tool allows us to perfectly plan the correct position of the implant to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter and provides the perfect diagnosis in the planning of dental implants.

Klinika Implantologiczna Gdańsk

Only a good dentist who has the knowledge and experience is able to perform the implant treatment with a success. The measure of this success are healthy, beautiful teeth, which our patients enjoy for many years…

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with implantologist- visit us. Or call us (58 300 05 88), or fill in the online form on the right side or write an email (rejestracja(at)