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Dental implants

After a period of around 3-4 months, your implant will be ready to restore. However, it may initially need to be exposed, if your gum has healed over the top of it. This is a simple procedure done under local anaesthetic. A small cut is made in the gum over the implant and an elongated metal cylinder called a healing abutment is screwed onto the implant and allowed to protrude slightly out of the gum. Your gum will then heal around this. The procedure usually only takes 15-30 minutes and there is usually no discomfort afterwards. In many cases now I bypass this stage by fitting the healing abutment at the time of implant placement as long as the bone if solid enough to allow this.

Implanty stomatologiczne

Dental implants Bicon

Impression of the fixtures.

The final impression of the implants is taken 2-4 weeks after exposing them. This is a very simple procedure, which can usually be done without any local anaesthetic. In the case of large span or full jaw bridges, there will be additional stages where secondary impressions and bite records are taken to ensure that the final work is the ideal shape and size to replace the missing teeth.

Wysick protetyczny

Cast model used during preparation of crowns for implants.

Fitting the restoration for dental implants.

If we are fitting crowns or bridgework on the implants, the case will be completed at this stage. The healing abutments are simply unscrewed and the crowns/bridge are cemented onto posts, which are screwed onto the implants at this stage. There are several careful checks made at the fitting stage to ensure that the bite is correct and comfortable, the colour and shape match the adjacent teeth and that you can easily clean the new crowns or bridge. Local anesthesia if sometimes needed for the fitting especially if the gums are being contoured around the new teeth for optimum aesthetics.

This is obviously just an overview of the treatment process. Each case will need to be individually tailored but you will of course be informed of any variation if required.