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Dental bridges on implants

Dental bridges on implants-  replenishment of multi-tooth missing teeth using dental implants. Extensive tooth loss is a serious health problem. It cause a large decrease in the ability of proper chewing, contribute to the collapse of the cheeks and changes in facial features. Multi-tooth deficiencies are also the cause of permanent and irreversible movement of surrounding and opposing teeth, causing widespread atrophy of jaw bones.

Possibilities to use dental bridges on implants?

Replenishment of several missing teeth conterminous to each other is a big challenge for the dentist. In the case of the majority of such multi-tooth defects, it is not possible to perform a classic restoration using a prosthetic bridge based on the patient’s own teeth. The reason is too wide  span of such a bridge and often the lack of adequately stable pillars. A moveable prosthesis may be a certain solution, but such a supplement brings with it a lot of inconvenience and should be treated only as a temporary solution.

Broad forward lack.

The look of teeth before implant treatment.

In modern dentistry to fill in broad lack of teeth doctor use a dental implants. Thanks to the implantation of only 2 implants, our implantologists are able to make a dental bridge on implants, complementing more than 2 missing teeth. The dental bridge on implants is nothing else but a porcelain bridge cemented or bolted to connectors on implants. This type of prosthetic restoration is perfectly tolerated by patients due to its permanent attachment and natural appearance.

Dental bridges on implants.

X-ray image after implant treatment.

The dental bridge on implants allows to get rid of the troublesome prosthesis and prevents the formation of further negative effects of extensive tooth deficits, such as bone atrophy, and the movement of proximal teeth. Our experienced implantologists in extensive dental defects recommend as a treatment of choice the implementation of a dental bridge on implants.