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Bone transplant for the implant

Loss of tooth is usually associated with a not to good aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, this can often lead to bone loss, which then involves bone grafting before implantation. The reasons for bone loss may be varied. They are usually caused by the aforementioned loss of teeth, periodontal disease, injuries or the use of removable dentures. As this process is proceeding at a rapid pace, the decision to insert the implant should be made rather quickly. Thanks to this, we are sure that inserting the implant will take place without additional treatments. However, if the implantologist finds that the amount of bone is insufficient to insert the implant, bone grafting is recommended.

What is the bone transplant for the implant?

The procedure consists in transplanting the patient’s bone in place of the tissue that has disappeared. The bone is taken from the area of low aesthetic meaning, ie the branch of the mandible – behind the last molar teeth or on the lateral side, the chin or the jaw tumor region. Then, in the form of blocks or bone chips, it is transferred to a place where it is deficient. As the treatment itself lasts for about 1 to 2 hours, it takes place using local anesthesia. Thanks to this the patient does not feel any discomfort and the procedure is painless.

Przeszczep kości pod implant

Before each treatment, it is important to prepare an appropriate base for dental implants that guarantee the proper process of the treatment. Transplant bone for the implant also helps to stop the process of bone loss and maintain the gums in a healthy condition. In the Perfect Smile clinic, we carry out bone grafting for many years using the highest quality equipment and materials, while keeping the highest clinical standards.

Are there any contraindications for the implementation of bone graft surgery for the implant?

Of course, there are some contraindications to the procedure. The main ones are:

  • compulsive smoking;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic connective tissue diseases.

Transplant bone for an implant is a chance for a beautiful and healthy smile. However, a quick decision regarding the reconstruction of lost teeth will make the procedure simpler, faster and less expensive. We invite you to a consultation at the Perfect Smile clinic, where our implantologist will fully plan and evaluate the possibility of performing bone graft surgery for the implant.