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Bone restoration for the implant

Loss of tooth is usually associated with a not really good aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, it can often lead to bone loss. The reasons of this phenomen may be different. They are usually caused by the aforementioned loss of teeth, periodontal disease, injuries or the use of removable dentures. Because this process is proceeding at a rapid pace, the decision to insert the implant should be made rather quickly. Thanks to this, we are sure that the implantation will take place without additional treatments. However, if the implantologist determines that the amount of bone is not enough to insert the implant, it is recommended to replenishment the bone for the implant.

What is a bone restoration for the implant?

To make an implantation possibile to perform , it is necessary to increase the number of bones in the place of the missing tooth. Depending on the conditions, the bone replacement is carried out before or during implantation process. The doctor use bone shavings or osteogenic biomaterials. Restoration of  the bone under the implant allows for the creation of bone tissue in a given area, which allows effective implant placement. In the Perfect Smile clinic, this procedure is performed using local anesthesia, thanks to which it is painless.

Uzupełnienie kości pod implant

What are the indications for restiration the bones under the implant?

A special indication is any bone defect that can occur after:

  • Tooth extraction;
  • Injury;
  • long-term lack of teeth;
  • or before implantation;

Restoration of  the bones under the implant is a chance for a beautiful and healthy smile. We invite you to a consultation at the Perfect Smile Clinic, where our implantologist will fully plan and assess the possibility of performing the procedure.