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Bone regeneration for implants

Losing even a single tooth implies irreversible changes in the structure of the alveolar bone. After the removal of the tooth after a few weeks, a new bone tissue will be filled, but it will never be as valuable as the original bone at this point. More importantly, the dimensions of the bones: vertical and horizontal will irreversibly decrease. At the end of subsequent months after the loss of the tooth, there will also be a process of generalized bone loss at the site of the missing tooth. This is explained by the lack of functional load on the bone. To put it simply: unloaded, not used as a support for the teeth, the bone disappears with the passage of time. The factors that enhance bone loss after tooth removal include heavy and traumatic extraction. They are also inflammation of the bones and periodontium around the diseased tooth. The loss of bone and the decrease in its parameters is of great importance for the planning and treatment of implantology.

Bone regeneration for implants.

Any, even a small bone deficit causes implant surgery to require additional surgical and periodontal procedures. One of them is regeneration of the bones under the implants.

Regeneracja kości pod implanty 01

Loss of bone tissue after tooth loss due to chronic inflammation.

These include bone augmentation procedures, which involve the controlled and deliberate regeneration of the bone tissue by an implantologist so as to improve the parameters and sizes of the alveolar process.

Regeneracja kości pod implanty 02

Regeneration of the bone around the implant implanted at the site of the lost incisor.

Regeneration of the bone under the implants is a procedure that is performed successfully both immediately after the removal of the tooth and in the case of tooth decay long after the loss of bone tissue is significant.

The rapid development of the field of dentistry implantology allows for a wide variety of bone reconstruction methods as predictable and relatively simple treatments.

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