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Bone augmentation prior implants treatment

Bone augmentation in dental implantology  – methods of treatment enabling the implantation of dental implants. Those are the cases in which bone reconstruction becomes necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for healthy ones.

Odbudowa kości pod implanty
Odbudowa kości pod implanty 02

When bone augmentation is necessary?

Bone augmentation in implant treatment  is very often a only one good solution necessary to prepare needed requirements for an implanted dental implant. Patients interested in this form of restoration of missing teeth are carefully examined in the Perfect Smile Clinic during the consultation visit. The 3D CBCT test is diagnostically priceless and allows for a fraction of a millimeter to evaluate the bone bed for the implant. If bone deficit is found, there is a need to replace the lost bone by rebuilding the bone, which can be performed depending on the situation – or simultaneously, along with implanting the dental implant, when the size of the defect still allows, or a reconstruction is carried out 3 months to 9 months before the planned placement of the implant, when the deficit is very large.

Odbudowa kości pod implanty

Bone tissue after tooth extraction ceases to be stimulated without occlusal load. It behaves in a similar way to muscle tissue, which disappears without exercise. This is important information while planning to remove the damaged tooth and replace it with an implant. After the first year of removal, a very large volume of bone tissue disappears. Planning the implantation after a few or a dozen years after tooth loss in most cases involves the need to rebuild the bone. The ideal is therefore the introduction of a dental implant after 3-4 months of tooth removal. This allows to preserve the original volume conditions of the implant bed, which makes rebuilding of the bone unnecessary. Very often, implantologists decide on the so-called socket preservation – placement of the bone substitute biomaterial in the tooth socket after the removed tooth to protect the bone tissue from atrophy.

Odbudowa kości pod implanty

Each case of bone tissue deficiency is different and is often associated with the need to implement a different bone reconstruction procedure for implants. The basic principle is to create the right conditions in the bone tissue so that the inserted implant is surrounded on all sides. Implant threads that are exposed in the apical part of the implant, with bone deficits present, must be covered with augmentation preparations or autogenous bone. All elements are  covered with a suitable membrane before sheathing.