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Bone augmentation for implant placement

Bone augmentation for implant placement is a commonly used procedure performed with implantation. Over time, toothless bone process is going to disappear considerably. Already after about two years of removal, we are seeing a condition resulting in the disappearance of about 60% of the bone volume output before tooth loss. The implant is implanted approximately 3-4 months after removing the tooth. In this situation, no implant reconstruction is necessary.

Rekonstrukcja kości pod implant 01

Bone augmentation for implant placement – treatment process:

Unfortunately, very offten patient asking for dentist help very late, when the bone deficyt is very high. The implantology at Perfect Smile clinic have direct access to the CBCT for 3D scans of the most interesting segment of the bone, allowing for a fraction of a millimeter to be measured. After completing the CT scan, the patient receives a treatment plan with a cost estimate. Depending on the situation with significant bone loss, the bone reconstruction method under the implant is individually selected.

In a case of a bone dissapperance only in horizontal dimension and the appendage has the appropriate height, then very often we use the technique of reconstruction of the bone under the implant called ridge splitting. Using special surgical tools, toothless procession is scored along the top and delaminated. Then, in such a delicate process, the beds under the implants are formed using the appropriate technique. At the same time, expansion and thickening of the bones around the bed under the implants are carried out using special tools. After insertion of implants, the space between them is filled with bone substitute material. The whole covers the most fully resorbable collagen membrane. The wound is covered with a gingiva and is tightly sealed and latch free. The procedure is painless, with appropriate local anesthesia. After about 10 days, seams are pulled. The patient undergoes healing rinses with chlorhexidine and maintains oral hygiene to prevent local infection of the wound.

Rekonstrukcja kości pod implant poprzez rozszczepienie

Reconstruction of the bone through its cleavage has an undoubted advantage, which results from the possibility of simultaneous insertion of several implants into the toothless, dislocated bone. The patient undergoes one surgical procedure and may expect crowns to be implanted even after 3 months.