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Best dental implants

We decide to place high quality dental implants from trustworthy producents for several important reasons. Our choice first of all goes to all implant companies, which are considered by most dentists to be among the best implant systems worldwide, from a success rate and quality of manufacture point of view. It is very important that company has long research data and high succes rate proven for over 20 years.

What does “Best dental implants” mean?

We believe in so called „Evidence based dentistry”, as only procedures, which could have been proven by long term research, are fully predictible and safe for our patients. We choose implant companies which are investing in innovations, as implant dentistry is developing very quickly and some crucial modifications in implant procedures and implant architecture are necessary from time to time. Innovations in implant architecture, like special coating applied to implant surface (called SLA active) which increase the healing bond between implant and bone, allow the implant to have its crown fitted around 5 weeks from the implant being placed rather than the usual 12-14 weeks.

Najlepsze implanty 01

It is important to know that there are many different implant systems and just like any product there is a wide variation in quality. Implants used by our implantologists are at the top of the quality range whilst cheaper implant systems have higher failure rates and long-term issues. Patients that look for cost comparisons will discover a range of prices between different dentists and it is important to appreciate why some dentists charge more than others. In order to offer cheap dental implants something has to be compromised and this tends to be using a low quality implant system and lower quality laboratory.

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Dentists that are just learning how to place implants often offer them at cheaper fees to gain experience but at a risk to the patients. With best dental implants you do get what you pay for and as a permanent long-term treatment it is important to pay for quality.

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