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Augmentation of bone

Augmentation of bone – a valuable and basic technique used in the Perfect Smile Dental Clinic in Gdańsk is dependent on the size of the bone loss and on the planned implant treatment. Loss of a single tooth leads to rapid decay of alveolar bone. This loss is due to the loss of one of the major functions of the bones, namely the transfer and cushioning of the chewing forces. Another cause of bone loss is inflammation of the pulp or periodontal disease.

Augmentacja kości

When are we using bone augmentation?

The most physiological method  to fill in dental deficiencies are dental implants. They are fixed to single porcelain crowns or larger fixed or movable works such as prostheses. During planning an implants treatment the condition of the alveolar bone is crucial for the type of treatment and the success of it. In cases where the patient reports to our clinic shortly after the loss of the bone, the bone condition is very good and the whole treatment is smooth and free of any additional risk.

The situation becomes more complicated when more than one year has passed since tooth loss. There is a significant decline in the alveolar bone, which has a great influence on the course of implant treatment. Therefore, implantologists need access to modern imaging methods, such as computer tomography of the jaw, which allows for bone measurements with remarkable precision. Loss of jaw bone is obviously not a contraindication to implant surgery.

Augmentacja kości 03

Tomography of the jaw bone at the site of the missing upper incisor, showing the extent of bone loss after tooth loss.

Augmentacja kości 02

Tomography after implantation in the missing incisor with augmentation of the bone around the implant.

Augmentation of bone is a way to improve bone condition before or during implant surgery. Our implantologists use a variety of bone augmentation methods in their daily practice, tailored to their specific needs and conditions. The scope of bone augmentation surgery and its price depends on the size of the bone loss and on the planned implant treatment. In the case of extensive deficiencies, augmentation of the bone is a separate procedure that prepares the bone for implantation. In the case of small bone losses, augmentation may be performed during the same procedure on which the implant is implanted.