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Dental implants are titanium screws, which replace missing tooth roots. Implant structure and surface is modified in a way, which makes it visible for body as collagen-like, „friendly” surface. Thanks to that human body tolerates dental implants and osseintegration takes place, in order to create connection between bone and implant. Using dental implants we are able to restore missing teeth. At our dental clinic we use highest quality implants systems, scientificaly examined by American, German, Japanese, Swiss specialists.
Our implantologists are experts with international titles. Their qualifications are a result of over 12 yeras of constant training and courses taken around the world.

How implants are placed?

Implantation is not a complicated procedure. It consists with 3 stages. First step, after examination and x-rays, is a stage when implantologist drills a small hole in bone in order to place implant in position. This doesn`t take more than 1 hour. When osseintegration is completed, which takes 2-3 months, dentist is ready for prosthetic impressions. After next few days a crown is ready to fully restore missing tooth. Below you can find description of some aspect in dental implant therapy. These are most commom situations our doctors deal with.

Good implants – properties and features

What properties and characteristics should have good implants in order to guarantee its best quality? The patients’ growing expectation of aesthetics and less invasive procedures in implantology force continual, very high progress in this field of science.

Best dental implants

We decide to place high quality dental implants from trustworthy producents for several important reasons.

Bone regeneration for implants

Losing even a single tooth implies irreversible changes in the structure of the alveolar bone. After the removal of the tooth after a few weeks, a new bone tissue will be filled, but it will never be as valuable as the original bone at this point.

Implant treatment guarantee

Our implantologists has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 12 years and has had very few failures. The main causes for failure have been in heavy smokers where healing is not as good.

Inflammation of tissues around implant

Periimplantitis, bone lesions, gums problems and bite problems are things we sometimes have to deal with. They are very rare indeed. Main risk factors are bad oral hygiene, smoking and existing periodontal diseases.
Future bone loss or gum problems.

Specialist implantologist

Implantology at the highest world level has been available in our Perfect Smile Clinic in Gdańsk since a long time. The owners of Perfect Smile Clinic  ®, dr Marek Markiewicz and dr Tomasz Zarański are implantologists with the highest degree of specialization in implantology.

Complications during implant treatment

It must be remembered that dental implants carry the one of the highest success rates of any dental treatment and having been around for over 50 years they have been very well researched so we know how well they last long term.

Missing tooth and what’s next ?

It is possible to not have any treatment at all however at the back of the mouth this causes an obvious problem with chewing.

Treatment alternatives

It is also important that you understand what the alternative treatment options to dental implants are.

Dental implants

After a period of around 3-4 months, your implant will be ready to restore. However, it may initially need to be exposed, if your gum has healed over the top of it. This is a simple procedure done under local anaesthetic.

Implant placement

The implant placement is a surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthesia. Sedation can also be arranged if you wish if you are anxious about any aspect of the treatment. Please let me know in advance of the surgery so that I can arrange sedation for you.

Implant treatment

The assessment is the most important part of the procedure will determine just what we can achieve with implants. I will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to ensure they are as healthy as can be.

Short implants

Bone loss after tooth loss is an irreversible and unavoidable process. Long-term lack of teeth leads to the formation of a very large bone deficit, which makes implantation procedures often impossible to perform without additional bone regeneration procedures.

Treatment of endodontic failures

The most common cause of tooth loss are complications after root canal treatment. Incorrectly endodontically treated teeth are a source of infection in the mouth, and an inflammatory focus that poses a threat to the whole body.

Sudden tooth loss

Sudden tooth loss due to unwanted, unwanted stroke effects is not often seen at  our patients. The most common cause of tooth loss are complications after root canal treatment.

Rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus

In our Clinic work only experienced implantologists, with over 10 years of surgical experience in the field of surgery and implantology. They have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the final treatment effect meets both the patient’s expectations and functional requirements.

Extensive tooth missing

Extensive tooth missing is a serious problem of a functional and aesthetic nature. The loss of a few teeth adjacent to each other causes both a considerable discomfort of the patient and serious disorders of chewing.

Implant of the upper one tooth

The patient came to our Clinic with an aesthetic problem. She complained about the dark color of the dead, after the root canal treatment, the upper left one tooth.

Anodontia – tratments using an implants

Patients affected by anodontia are still a large group among people seeking help in our clinic. The loss of all teeth can be caused by many factors that last throughout the patient’s life.

Implants in one day

Lack of teeth is not only a big aesthetic problem. Incomplete denttion  may cause problems with the digestive system and also displacement and damage to the extant  teeth.

Implantological treatment

Implantological treatment allows you to recreate lost teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile. Our implantologists are top-class specialists, and in the Perfect Smile Clinic we have the most modern diagnostic equipment, including 3D digital tomography.

Bone restoration for the implant

Loss of tooth is usually associated with a not really good aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, it can often lead to bone loss. The reasons of this phenomen may be different. They are usually caused by the aforementioned loss of teeth, periodontal disease, injuries or the use of removable dentures.

Root canal treatment or dental implant

The most common reason that makes us visit a dentist is a toothache. Unfortunately, most often it is a signal which informs us that something bad is happening with our teeth. Most often in this situation, patients are wondering whether it is better to opt for root canal treatment or dental implant.

Bone transplant for the implant

Loss of tooth is usually associated with a not to good aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, this can often lead to bone loss, which then involves bone grafting before implantation. The reasons for bone loss may be varied.

Immediate implant

Missing teeth are not only an aesthetic matter, but also have particularly negative effect on digestive system and may lead to further problem with the remaining teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

The most physiological way to restore the missing tooth is a dental implant surgery. Usually, a dental implant can be compared to the tooth root which is made from titanium and its’ size can be compred to a small screw.

Contraindications to dental implants

Implantation is a relatively not very invasive procedure. Like any surgical procedure, however, it requires a surgical intervention. Therefore, we can distinguish some contraindications to dental implants: relative and absolute, which limit or prevent the implantation procedure.

Implantology Congress

Implantologist dent. Marek Markiewicz and implantologist dent. Tomasz Zarański on November 13-16, 2014. participated in the largest Implant Congress in Quitessenz Idea – Sztuka – Praktyka 2014.

A good implantologist

A good implantologist should meet several requirements to take care of his patient of the full extent.

Dental Implants Gdansk

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic is an institution with an established position in the field of implant dentistry in Gdansk. This is due to high quality of surgical equipment and vast experience of doctors who are constantly improving their skills.

Bone augmentation for implant placement

Bone augmentation for implant placement is a commonly used procedure performed with implantation. Over time, toothless bone process is going to disappear considerably.

Augmentation of bone

Augmentation of bone – a valuable and basic technique used in the Perfect Smile Dental Clinic in Gdańsk is dependent on the size of the bone loss and on the planned implant treatment. Loss of a single tooth leads to rapid decay of alveolar bone.

Bone augmentation prior implants treatment

Bone augmentation in dental implantology  – methods of treatment enabling the implantation of dental implants. Those are the cases in which bone reconstruction becomes necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for healthy ones.

Jaw computed tomography

Ct scan is one of the methods of dental diagnostics. Proper planning of implantological procedures must be preceded by accurate bone structure diagnostics. The key is whether the amount of alveolar bone is sufficient to place the implant. Bone density is also a very important parameter.

Dental implants – restoration of missing teeth

In the case of edentolous patients dental implants are perfect solution to improve the patient’s life comfort. Patients are no longer doomed for removable  full dentures. To perform permanent work with toothlessnes, 6 to 8 implants should be implanted in the jaw and 6 implants in the mandible.

Dental bridges on implants

Dental bridges on implants-  replenishment of multi-tooth missing teeth using dental implants. Extensive tooth loss is a serious health problem. It cause a large decrease in the ability of proper chewing, contribute to the collapse of the cheeks and changes in facial features.

Tooth implant

The tooth implant is currently the most physiological solution to complete the lack of teeth. After all, the problem of single missing teeth is very common. The loss of each tooth creates a cosmetic defect, foreclose proper chewing and adversely affects the entire stomatognathic system.

Price of implant placement

Dental implants allow you to restore your lost teeth in the most faithful and natural way. Together with the teeth, we restore the function of proper chewing, aesthetic smile and proper facial features.

Implants teeth

Any implant can be treated like a foreign body that is used to restore a natural function and aesthetics of the damaged parts of body or organ. The most popular and at the same time the most commonly used, are implants that replace the hard tissue, for example the missing tooth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are foreign bodies, aiming at the most faithful reproduction of the natural function and natural aesthetics of the damaged part of the body or organ. The most popular, therefore the most commonly used, are implants replacing hard tissues, for example lost teeth.

Implantologist Gdansk

Not every dentist wants to be an implantologist or may not be suitable for the role of an implantologist. The beginning of implant treatment for the  patients must be supported by surgical, prosthetic and periodontal experience and knowledge.

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