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    Perfect Smile Dental Clinic ® is a brand that has been created with the passion and experience of two doctors and, at the same time, friends. In 2008 we opened our first office, which from the beginning, successfully gained full trust and satisfaction of our patients from Gdansk and its environs. Today we are pleased to invite you to our branch of three Clinics, situated in Gdansk, that will meet your high demands.

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    • Digital Smile Design
  • Implantology Implantology is the primary activity of Gdansk Perfect Smile Dental Clinic. We guarantee our patients a completely painless treatment of all procedures concerning implantology, as well as, any kind of surgeries. The surgical procedure of administration of anesthesia. Through the use of modern, fully safe, and proper technique, does not have to be stressful and painful surgery anymore. Our doctors gained competence of physicians implantologists under the guidance of the best, world-renowned specialists such as Dr. Carl Misch, Dr. Maurice Salama, Dr. K.Valavanis, prof. Ady Palti. What is more, they participated in the clinical trials and practical courses where they had a possibility to solve a complex, and very difficult cases in the field of implantology. Polish Association of Implantology awarded them with the Certificate of Licensed Practice of Implantology. It is a very important award, granted only to those physicians, who have completed postgraduate training in implantology course- Curriculum Implantology. It is worth to add, that they also belong to the elite implant associations in Europe and all around the world.
  • Modern dental diagnostics Modern dental diagnostics is used to help in the right diagnosis of diseases of oral cavity and allows a dentist to apply effective treatment plan. Our Dental Clinic is a multidisciplinary institution, because our doctors – dentists, and in the same time specialists, conduct a complete dental diagnostics on the spot.
  • Aesthetic Dentistry A dentist is responsible not only for the health care, but also for the quality of life of his patient. This is why, we created our clinic in such a way, that it will change your approach to the aesthetic dentistry. The use of dental materials of the highest quality and advanced processes of restoration of dentures, enable us to beautify and refresh every smile. We offer a range of solutions, depending on your preferences ,to improve the aesthetics of teeth. The choice of each strategy is preceded by a dental examination, which is performed with the use of modern diagnostic methods and the most modern of x-ray and tomography. Information obtained with the help of this examination is the basis for the later discussion with the patient to determine individualized treatment plan. Teeth whitening or restoration, and dentures will allow you to discover what the real smile is.
  • Orthodontics Orthodontics is a brach of dentistry, which deals with many forms of bite and occlusion problems. Orthodontic treatment allows us to gain and maintain straight, natural teeth positions. Healthy smile is not only a bright one, but also one full of harmony and symmetry. Smile without any orthodontics problems will definitelly loog good on your face. For your better comfort and confidence we offer also INVISALIGN “invisible” and removable braces. At pur dental clinic orthodontic treatment is available for children and andults.

We belong to international implant associations:

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Dental certifications

Clinic team systematically broadens knowledge and qualifications at the most important and prestigious conferences and practical courses on dentistry and implant dentistry. Below are presented the certificates that attest the professionalism and the great commitment of our doctors.

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